Colour and Texture Breathes New Life into Family Home.

Challenge: This ideally located family home lacked spatial efficiency and usability. The space felt dark and uninspiring, very unlike the vibrant, active, multigenerational family that lived within.

Approach:  Extensive renovations were needed on all three floors of this home, but the first renovation concentrated on the main floor. The existing small, tired kitchen was opened up and an existing basement laundry room was relocated to the main level.  

Functional storage, efficient work areas and large counter spaces were at the top of the clients’ wish list. The second renovation aimed to improve the master bathroom and closet, as well as the kids’ bathroom spaces. New floor plans were developed and the decision to use Ikea cabinetry helped with the budget. For both renovations, interesting textures provided by features such as soapstone counters and custom cut porcelain tiles—coupled with joyful little pops of colour—gave this home the character the clients’ were looking for.

Result: This well functioning home is now light and bright, yet rich in comforting colour.