Simply Classic Ridge Home

Challenge: As their extended family grew, space in the kitchen for large gatherings was becoming a challenge. The master bathroom was also unbalanced with a tiny shower and a large unused tub. Golden oak built-ins, oak trim and roman pillars set the tone for this diamond in the rough to “scream for help.”

Approach: Trim and pillars were on the top of the list for removal. Oak built-ins and railings were simply refreshed with a rich dark iron stain. The kitchen was reimagined with a new layout that opened up the space (within it’s original allocation), allowing for an island and a nook area that is expressive and family focused. The master bathroom entrance was reconfigured, unveiling a new plan that had plenty of space for a nice size steam shower and freestanding tub. The client’s traditional style was simplified with clean lines, classic shapes and warm colours. Elegant lighting set the tone for transitional charm. 

Result: Timeless distinction in a relaxed setting.