Texture and Simplicity Create Balance

Challenge: This outdoorsy couple yearned for their inner city 1980’s infill’s layout to better suit their active lifestyle and highlight their love for modern spaces and nature.

Approach: We reworked the multi-level main floor plan, moving the stairs to the basement, and allowing for a large open kitchen and powder bathroom. The unused small family room was transformed into a entrance area that invited airiness and plenty of storage for all the clients’ outdoor active wear. The living room’s wood burning fireplace was maintained, while its surround was artfully executed to integrate display boxes for collectables and firewood. The second floor master bedroom and bathroom layouts were tweaked in order to incorporate two sinks, a large modern shower and plenty of cabinetry storage.  Conceptually, the use of linear textures featured in materials like cabinetry, large-scale floor tile and custom glass panels were the key to a modern, yet organic backdrop for the contemporary furnishings and artwork featuring their love of travel and the outdoors.

Result: This ‘new’ home’s efficient and open spaces allow for architectural features to be showcased and meaningful pieces to be displayed.